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500 Employees, Countless Conflicting Interests. Sound Familiar?

Discover how a prominent Hungarian company, boasting a workforce of 500+, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance organizational culture and boost efficiency.


In the pursuit of a dynamic and evolving strategy, our client, a thriving Hungarian enterprise, recognized the imperative for optimizing organizational structures and redefining corporate objectives.

Employing the EPIC toolkit, we systematically addressed the intricacies of management and organizational hurdles.

1. Research (Unveiling Perspectives)
Conducting insightful interviews with mid-level managers and deploying detailed questionnaires among colleagues, we gained a comprehensive understanding of the current landscape, capturing diverse viewpoints and critiques.

2. Diagnosis
Analyzing the wealth of information gathered, we identified patterns and constructed a comprehensive problem map. This illuminated a spectrum of organizational and leadership challenges that needed strategic attention.

3. Joint Solution
Armed with the problem map, we engaged managers in collaborative workshops. Together, we sought common ground, fostering solutions and compromises that addressed the identified challenges.

4. Testing
Proposing immediate changes to the organizational structure and culture, deriving from middle managers' input and survey findings, we presented a comprehensive report to senior management for consideration.

5. Catapult
Concluding the process, we facilitated joint workshops to evaluate and ensure that managers comprehended, supported, and effectively communicated the changes to their colleagues.

Magyarországon egyedülálló módon, szervezet-antropológiai kutatást és akciótervet kínáltunk a szervezeti működésben és a leadershipben jelentkező kihívások összekapcsolásával a hatékony működés érdekében.