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Who Works for Catapult Innovation Lab?

For over a decade, our diverse and skilled team at Catapult Innovation Lab has been a dynamic blend of professionals dedicated to providing successful, win-win solutions in marketing, organizational optimization and business consulting. Our approach is rooted in the rich data we collect through meticulous research.

Gábor Rajczy
Director / Innovation and Strategy

With a background spanning over 10 years as a journalist and editor, coupled with a decade as an agency manager, Gábor excels in posing insightful questions and inspiring his team to peak performance based on the answers.

Barbara Kántor
Director / Innovation and Research

Barbara sees things faster than anyone else, sometimes even her colleagues find it hard to follow. She researches, teaches, designs and keeps an eye on every twist and turn in pop culture and consumer trends. 

Zsófia Balázs-Virágh
Innovation Manager

Zsófi is never late, and the client should never be late with an important answer or decision. Need more?

Vera Czifra
Senior Researcher

Whether Vera is immersed in a research project, running a workshop, coaching clients or even developing an agile organisation, she consistently delivers the best performance. Her enthusiasm is contagious!

Csaba Lengyel
Senior Graphic Designer

Formerly the king of minimalism, Csaba has evolved to infuse vibrant colors into his designs. Clients soon realize, some midway through the design process, that arguing with his visual vision is an endeavor not worth pursuing.

László Spengler
Photo and Video

From presenting a construction site in a time-lapse to capturing a CEO in London with a glass half full at a client party, or skillfully executing shadowing without revealing a face, Laci excels in every aspect of photo and video production.