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3 Countries, 3 Cultures: How We Crafted a Gastronomy and Crafts Itinerary for Tourists

Dive into our case study and explore how we played a pivotal role in developing a tourist route that beautifully unfolds the craft and gastronomic traditions of the Hungarian-Romanian-Ukrainian border regions.


In this multi-country EU-funded tourism project, our mission was to curate a tourist route that not only showcases the rich craft and gastronomic traditions of the region but also fosters stronger collaboration between the participating countries.

Leveraging the EPIC toolkit, the following strategic steps were executed to effectively address innovation challenges:

1. Challenges Assessment

Collaborating with anthropologists from universities in the region, we conducted extensive primary research to identify partners boasting the finest gastronomic offerings and rich craft traditions.

2. Diagnosis

Secondary research was employed to gain insights into the overall offerings of participants along the planned route in the Hungarian region.

3. Joint Solution

Crafting a tested route, we transformed the data collected during fieldwork with the best gastronomic and craft service providers into compelling social media materials.

4. Testing

The prototype route map underwent multiple tests, where offerings at each stop were anonymously examined. Fine-tuning the route based on the evaluated results ensured an optimal experience.

5. Catapult

The final itinerary underwent testing with research colleagues and external partners, resulting in an exciting tourist itinerary catering to diverse target groups.

By focusing specifically on the tourism sector, we developed practical solutions to address the market situation and overcome innovation challenges.