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What Should We Do If We See that We Are Behind in the Race?

Explore our case study to discover how we successfully tackled market, organizational, and leadership challenges for a prominent event venue in Budapest, guiding its management on the path of overcoming hurdles..


The Budapest venue aimed to enhance its market position, adapt its organization and infrastructure to evolving customer needs and refine its customer-focused approach.

Leveraging the power of the EPIC toolkit, the following strategic steps were employed to address organizational, management, and market challenges and eliminate barriers to progress:

1. Challenges Assessment

Root causes of challenges were identified through competitor analysis and qualitative research involving key customers. Service design was also utilized to craft a comprehensive service and customer experience map for events.

2. Diagnosis

Using survey results and in-depth interviews, the current organizational situation was thoroughly assessed. A problem map was constructed, challenges were prioritized in collaboration with management.

3. Joint Solution

Senior and middle managers were engaged in workshops where the problem map was presented, collaborative solutions were sought for both short and medium-term objectives.

4. Results

The report presented major changes proposed for the organizational structure and services based on the findings.

5. Catapult

After evaluating research findings, recommendations for immediate changes were proposed and further assessed in ongoing workshops with managers.

Challenges in organizational culture, operations, and leadership were intricately linked. We pioneered organizational anthropological research coupled with an action plan to comprehensively address these challenges so far uniquely in Hungary.